Driving carbon emission reduction in industries that are critical to the development of Net Carbon Neutral world.


Driving carbon emission reduction in industries that are critical to the development of Net Carbon Neutral world.

Near term objectives

  • Partnered witha leading solid-state battery companyto have early access to next generation Solidstate batteries
  • Design retrofit/remanufacturing packages for key high volume vehicle categories, (a market being avoided by existing manufactures).
  • Design clean sheet equivalents for retrofit package vehicle that are more efficient than current competition.

Long term vision

  • Become the preferred partner for the mining and construction industry to help eliminate carbon costs.
  • With responsive and innovative design, dominate the market in high volume categories with clean sheet designs that out-perform the incumbent equipment makers.


The annual market for heavy mobile equipment is $21B and the retrofit/reman market is $200B
Existing manufacturers are focused on old battery technology or Hydrogen, which is also a greenhouse gas.
Total Addressable Market
$2.5b/year, $30b new/retrofit for Underground Equipment, $19b/year, $170b for new/retrofit Surface Equipment
*Concept render


Pivot is the first company to design and build solid state battery powered heavy equipment.

With optimized design and solid-state batteries, Pivot heavy mobile equipment will be more efficient, productive and cost effective than current battery or diesel-powered equipment.


Pivot has secured early access to solid-state batteries to power prototype vehicles in 2023.


Long-term objective: to be the leading "purpose-built" battery electric equipment OEM.


Key shareholder and contractor Prairie Machine has over 40 years of experience building underground heavy equipment and builds a line of light battery/electric mining equipment.


Build market share and network with low-capital conversion systems and then return to customers with Pivot OEM designs that are optimized for electric power systems.


Designing and building battery electric conversion systems for high volume diesel-powered heavy equipment. Starting with 42t underground trucks, 40t rock trucks, and the development of marque 400t truck conversion package.


Sample Opportunities
  • International mining company with large scale underground and open pit mines
  • Initial discussion, BEV retrofit of 8 – 7 tonne underground
    mine scoops with second generation LFP batteries
  • Initial contract value $5m CAD
  • An international mining company with large-scale open-pit mines
  • BEV conversion of 40 – 231 tonne Caterpillar Haul trucks with
    next generation solid-state batteries
  • Initial contract value $100m USD
  • Negotiating strategic partnerships with two mid-tier mining


Fortescue Metals

“It was time to go green.”

As the sun set over the hills of the first mine that set him [Andrew Forrest] on a path to enormous wealth, he explained that Fortescue, the Australian company he founded, would no longer just extract and ship 180 million tons of iron ore, the raw material for steel. It would zero out its own carbon emissions and become a renewable energy powerhouse.…50% of green house gas emissions are from it’s heavy equipment fleet.*

*From the New York Times 20211017
Fortescue has committed to upgrading heavy equipment to hydrogen fuel by 2030.

While cleaner than diesel, hydrogen has a leakage problem which also makes it a greenhouse gas. Hydrogen is headed down a dead end road.


Freeport, has roughly 600 haul vehicles … To energize these machines, Freeport purchases 180 million gallons of diesela year.

The mining business is grappling with its paradoxical position as provider of copper, lithium and different battery metals whilst operations contribute to world warming.

“We have to make investments to reduce carbon emissions,” CEO Adkerson said in the interview released Dec 1, 2021.

“We’re going to do that. It’s going to cost some money.” Akerson continues, “it was ‘absolutely necessary’ for Freeport to curtail emissions.*“

* From Reuters Next conference Dec. 1, 2021

Mining companies must move away from diesel to green power but current technology/manufacturers are not providing the solutions